Do you or someone your know suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, fears or phobias, constantly present with ill health, or just seem ‘stuck’ in life & unable to move forward? If so, then you’re certainly come to the right place.

Don’t allow yourself to live a mediocre life; train to gain a Marvellous one!

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How we handle the journey will determine the destination…

Since studying sociology at school & psychology as a mature student, I have always been fascinated by human behaviour & the working of the brain - that which makes people ‘tick’. After spending many years working within the media, I still had a keen interest in working with people to help enhance their lives & so took the decision to retrain & now have the privilege of helping people to lead happier, healthier & more successful lives. With continual on-going training in evidence based psychology, I have access to all the latest research & techniques that allow me to offer my clients the most up to date & high quality training. No matter what your background or age, the mind can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy & I can teach you how to train it well. I conduct my sessions in North Hertfordshire and via Skype in a confidential, friendly, understanding, non-judgmental & humorous way that quickly allows clients to be at ease in order to take the necessary steps to achieving their goals & feeling… Marvellous!    

During the sessions, you will start to understand how your mind works and develop helpful insight into the way you think, feel and behave in the way that you do by covering aspects such as:

Through highly effective guided sessions & home based exercises, Marvellous Mindsets can help you to build solid psychological foundations by enabling you to develop the resilience you need to overcome any adversity that life may present.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for…

Whether you are external (feel powerless) or internal (feel powerful)

Thinking styles & personality types

Desire for control & how this creates anxiety

Limiting beliefs & how such beliefs have a negative impact

The connection between your brain & gut & how this effects your overall health


Presented in an easy to understand, non psycho-babble manner, Marvellous Mindsets will teach you how to develop the skills, understanding and self-awareness you need to live a happy, health & successful life so that you can finally feel… Marvellous!



Your life doesn’t get easier by chance, it gets easier by change…



When I first went to Lynn I was feeling very low, some would say depressed. I had low self-esteem, social anxiety, difficulty sleeping and felt generally rather worthless. This is despite being a mother of two lovely children, homeowner, career woman and generally high achiever! I had also had a bad scalp due to stress with severe itchy dandruff/ psoriasis and I was constantly self medicating for headaches..... then I started the sessions with Lynn and with her help her support I have turned my life around. I now recognise all the achievements in my life and praise myself on these. I am sleeping better, my scalp is clear and I now have a stash of painkillers as I don't take them, my headaches have gone! I am enjoying life and all it has to offer... you could say I'm Marvellous!

I cannot recommend the programme highly enough.

Rebecca Miles

Since visiting Lynn I notice that I am finding lots of positives in my day now. I am also noticing unhelpful thoughts, all the time, and changing them; I feel that I can change these thoughts and I am not stuck with them. The other day I heard myself thinking "no, I'm not like that anymore, that's what I used to think" which is great. I am amazed by how much I have learnt by doing this programme and I am excited about what I can achieve from now on. I am very grateful for the kind support Lynn has given me, this definitely helped me to stick with the more challenging early weeks of the programme. I found Lynn’s positivity and openness very reassuring and encouraging. At the beginning, I just wanted to get to the end of the 6 weeks, but on the last session, I felt quite sad that the sessions were coming to an end. Doing the Programme has made such a positive impact on me.


I would like to give my sincere thanks for the professional manner in which you guided me through the course. The results by way of concerted and determined effort on my part with your first class help and guidance have proven to be most beneficial to improving my life and my whole way of thinking and behaving. I feel such a dramatic change upon completion of the course and do genuinely believe that it is so much better than “other” forms of therapy in that it has addressed the root of my problems, namely the way I perceived life and its issues. Remedy the cause and not the effect!  Once again, thank you dearly.

Mel, Herts

The sessions were helpful in that they provided me with a platform to divulge my thoughts and feelings (thoughts and feelings I thought for years) and have them looked at in a different way, giving me perspective.  It made me recognise I had low self-esteem and helped me build it up so that I can manage my thoughts.

Mark B


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